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We sincerely welcome to you to our home page "KANOYA HONTEN". Kanoya Honten has located and opened on south slope of Mt. Fuji back in December '82 as a earnest liquor shop, carrying only selected fermentated liquors.

As our shop is run and managed by soy sauce manufacture Ishigaki Shoyu Co. ltd. which has accumulated experience on fermentation process,@our store staff have been learning and realized that how difficult to maintain its quality over years with its high quality in certain level.

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Kanoya honten


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A fermentation is an art.

It is no doubt that only a first class manufacturer (cellar, Kuramoto) can maintain certain quality and keep own style over the years against uncertainness of material (rice, grape etc) caused by a un-favorable weather for it. We are trying to identify and select such a first class manufacture no matter what size of manufacture, famous or not. Because such our policy assures to introduce a real fermentated liquor to our educated customer. We strongly believe this is the way of our presence. As s result of our policy, our store end up with carrying more than total of 1,000 kinds of sake and wine which we are able to introduce you per your taste and occasion.

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Shizuoka kensan shouyu

I was able to learn the process of a fermentated product through my father who was ex-president of Ishigaki Syoyu Company. My father loves a words that "A fermentation is an art." and always told me the words and a story behind it. I was born as a first son of Soy sauce manufacturer, I was always wondered why a soy sauce manufacturing is an art. A time goes by I have learned a process through over a years. Now I can say my father was right to express the process of soy sauce manufacturing process as an art.
I could not tell the truth until I became over forty years old. Then I was able to title this home page as Av fermetation is an art with my pride.


I have a many chance to meet all a people at their manufacturing facility@like other soy sauce manufacturer, Kuramoto of Sake, wine cellars in overseas.

I was convinced that such all people has a same policy that they are making their products with a blessing of nature and they believe they do as one of a process of agricultures to create a fermentated product. They are all making daily endeavor to introduce better products with such modest policy.@It is very mysterious and artistic to produce a fermentated product. Such products were created under invisible world for our human being and small micorebe generate incredible product such as Sake, wine and soy which were processed from our crops.

We, Kanoya Honten pay maximum attention to carry such products at our shop. Since a fermentated product are very sensitive so we store a product in special cellar where sun light and even fluorescence light be cut. We are very proud to introduce a first class fermentated product with best care to you.


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Mt.Fuji & Kakita River

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For a people who accessed to us from over seas, we are not able to provide product@what we carry, to oversea. Therefore please accept our sincerely apology for your inconvenience with limited sales area which is only for domestic market in Japan. We locate right on the south slope of famous Mt. Fuji and we are very close to a mineral water spring so called Kakitagawa-yusui which is well known as best spring in Asia. So when you have chance to come over ot Mt Fuji or Kakitagawa-Yusui, please do not hesitate to stop by. Our closest JR station is Mishima which is Shinkansen station and only one hour from Tokyo station. It takes only 5 min, by Taxi.  We are very honor to seeing you to come to our shop and enjoy a selection from our best sake and wine stock.


Kanoya Honten home page will be continuously emphasized the contents of our page for your fermentated product selection. We hope our page be in your book mark and future reference as news source of@several fermentated product, sake & wine.

Senya Ishigaki
@President,Kanoya Honten

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Ishigaki Shoyu Co.,ltd

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